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Relax in the spa waters of Lake Vouliagmeni

Published on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 by Beth Ford
Far different from, but very nearby, the hustle and bustle of Athens lies one of the best travel destinations for a relaxing vacation - Lake Vouliagmeni. This unique lake is easily accessible from Athens and is one of the top things to do in Greece. Lake Vouliagmeni is located just outside the town of the same name. Vouliagmeni is a beautiful seaside town that is only more

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If you love to travel the world in search of the amazing ways in which nature creates it's own wonder, then Hopewell Rock in New Brunswick is a must see and should move to the top of your travel bucket list. Here in the Bay of Fundy you can marvel at the Flowerpot Rock formations and explore the ocean floor on foot. If you take a track off the beaten path you might even feel you're an exploring pioneer, so ...

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When you think of New Zealand, it may well conjure up images of spectacular scenery and dramatic landscape, perhaps great food and quality wine. For some the image may also involve long haul flights. Somewhere on that list you may also think sheep, lots and lots of them. They're the mainstay of life in New Zealand and the Jackie Howe Festival of the Golden Shears is when all the sheep and all of those whose lives depend upon them meet ...

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For a taste of all things authentically Greek, one doesn’t have to go all the way to Athens, or even to Europe. Instead, you can get your fill of Greek food in the Canadian city of Toronto during the Taste of the Danforth, held annually every second weekend in August. The Greek food festival, aka “The Taste,” is one of Toronto's largest and most popular street festivals, one which attracts more than 1.3 million visitors a year (which is a ...

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From Keansburg to Cape May, the New Jersey shore is one of the best places to travel. People flock to the shores of Jersey from all over the world. All along the coast there is no shortage of fun things to do in the summer at the Jersey Shore. One of the things people love to do is eat, and one of the favorite things to eat is Jersey Shore Saltwater Taffy. As you walk any of the boardwalks, go ...

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© Karen Chan 16

As world travelers we all have a secret desire to get wonderfully lost in a new place. How about a site made just for people like us? An incredible work of art that is not listed on maps and can only be reached by hiking on foot through a nature preserve? You literally have to get lost to see The Nimis Sculpture. Nimis is a modern sculpture that was built by Swedish artist Lars Endel Roger Vilks. Vilks named the ...

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China is a vast country rammed full of amazing things to interest and astound all but the most world weary traveller. Whether you want to make a one off trip to Hong Kong or add it to your world travel bucket list, one of the most colourful and dramatic events to witness has to be the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu. It is a traditional celebration and public holiday which happens on the 5th day of the 5th ...

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Making instant ramen noodles at home isn't overly exciting, but visit the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan and making them will take on a whole different experience. Here, you get to become a part of the instant ramen noodle-making process, right from scratch. Sound interesting? Well here you are your own cook, designing your new favourite noodle and experimenting with various flavors. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum houses a wide collection of the instant ramen sold ...

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The sake breweries of Niigata are one of the most interesting world travel destinations. Even those of us lucky enough to have been to many places have to admit, it's easy to get swept up by the vast beauty of the rice fields that are kept in order to create that characteristic Japanese drink, sake. And there are no less than 96 sake breweries in this area of Japan alone. The sake itself is delightful. In fact, it is known ...

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Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia. It is the world’s oldest continuously-inhabited cities, dating back to the 8th century BC with the founding of the fortress of Erebuni in 782 BC by King Argishti. Yerevan expanded rapidly during the 20th Century with Armenia becoming one of the fifteen republics of the Soviet Union. In fifty years Yerevan transformed from a town of a few thousand inhabitants to become Armenia’s principal industrial, cultural and artistic centre. Yerevan is ...

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