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Raft the Tara River Canyon in Durmitor National Park Montenegro

Published by Kristin Cowles, Editor-in-Chief

Country: Serbia and Montenegro

The Experience

Slicing through the limestone lined gorge, the cool waters of the Tara River powered by seasonal rain and snow melt, flow through some of the deepest and most secluded canyons in the world. This natural oasis is protected by UNESCO as it is home many rare animals, insects and local vegetation. Although deceivingly tame in places such as Djavolje lazi (Devil's lanes) where you can merely step over the current, the Tara river is a serious feat for white water rafting, classified as a level 4 for difficulty. One scenic fall in particular is over 3.6 meters, turning out some enchanting twirling torrents and cascading falls. Just as enticing as gliding through the gorge is climbing some of the surrounding mountains in Durmitor National Park, which the Tara river surges through. The views from the peaks are purely pristine. It's a vivid image that evokes the divine significance of pairing valley's and mountains together, complimenting and contrasting how each makes the other greater. Additional areas of exploration include some 80 caves in the Durmitor National Park. The Tara River Gorge is the second longest Gorge in the world at a length of 82 km, as it cuts through the canyon at its deepest it is 1,300 meters deep. The water here is so clean that is common to drink it directly from the river!




When to Go to Tara Canyon Raft

Rafting expeditions range in duration from 1 - 3 days, most commonly done is the one day trip which starts at Splaviste, lasting about 2 - 3 hours and run over 18km. The nice warm weather in June, July and August is welcome when you are taking a plunge from the side of your raft.


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Turkish is one of the languages spoken in Serbia and Montenegro. If you know of a freely available phrase book or podcast for one of the missing languages, let us know!


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