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Sailing the Whitsundays

Published by Michelle Lin, Writer

Country: Australia

The Experience

The Whitsunday Islands are a collection of 74 islands off the shores of Airlie Beach, in Queensland, Australia. It was named in 1770 by James Cook, a famous British explorer; and since then has become a paradise for travellers and sailors alike. The Whitsunday Islands are a gateway for crystal white beaches and the Great Barrier Reef.

Most likely, you will begin your sailing adventure in Airlie Beach. Known as a backpacker mecca, Airlie Beach it is a great place to party, especially with sunny weather all year round. As you walk down any street in Airlie Beach, you will find numerous travel companies and hostels that will help you book your sailing trip. These range from day trips to multi-day excursions, and sailing adventures also include packages that involve scuba diving or snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.

With its own lagoon and relaxing resort-like feel, Airlie Beach is an amazing little town to begin your Whitsunday adventure. After booking a trip with one of the many adventure companies, your sailboat will sail into the Whitsunday Islands, where you will be surrounded by glistening blue water. It's a great time to be with your friends, or if going solo, it's easy to make friends with the people onboard.

One of the islands that is sure to be on your itinerary is Whitehaven Beach. It was voted Queensland's Cleanest Beach in 2008, and named the top Eco Friendly Beach by in 2010. Best known for its white sands, it consists of 98% pure silica, which looks magnificent under the sunlight.

After sunbathing in one of the most beautiful island chains in the world, the Whitsunday Islands is also the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Many companies offer different packages, so make sure you do not miss this opportunity to go snorkelling—or for the brave souls—scuba diving into an underwater world of brilliantly coloured fish and impressive corals. While diving packages cost extra, it is well worth the price.

End your day on the sailboat feeling the cool wind across your face, and watching the spectacular sunset in the company of friends. Sailing the Whitsundays is an adventure that is worth a thousand memories.




When to Go to Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Islands is perfect anytime of the year because they enjoy warm temperatures all year round. The summer months of November to February would have the most tourists because of the Australian school holidays, so make sure to book early in those months. Going in February is also a great way to celebrate Australia Day, or for couples, Valentine's Day. During the winter months of June to August, most sailing trips go on sale for as much as 50% off. For those who do not mind bringing an extra sweater, this can be a great time to save some money.

Odds n' Ends

Make sure to bring some motion sickness tablets, especially if you plan on going on a multi-day excursion. Extra sweaters and blankets are also good to have as the boat will be chilly at night.

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