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James Burt

James Burt lives and works in Toronto. He has published travel articles and verse in NOW Magazine and QUILLS Poetry. When not exploring Patagonia or Southern Asia, he can be found trying to discover the best Guinness taps in the city. He is currently editing his third short film.


Death Road Ride - El Camino de la Muerta, My Bike, and Me

Created on October 06, 2008 by James Burt, Writer

Preparades? Yes, I was ready I said. My guide waved a quick goodbye and got back in his car, slammed it into gear and headed back down the mountain. I moved my bike to the road’s shoulder and while I pulled on my gloves, I admired the tranquil morning canyon below me. I had come to the top of the Yungas Road, also known as Death Road this morning. I had been making the trek northward from Patagonia with no idea of what I wanted to do or where I was going. Along the way I got drunk in a bodega in Mendoza, got the flu in Salta, and ate real locro in Jujuy. Fun, but not real adventure. Then over a cup of coffee ...

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