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I'm a mum of two who loves to travel and discover great things to do with the family. Some of my favourite places to vist are the majestic beauty of Edinburgh, the whole of glorious Cornwall, the relative quiet of Northern France and beautiful Boston, New England.
I write about anything and everything at my blog, please take a look.
In my spare time I'm a freelance writer.


Experience a Music Cornucopia at Lollapalooza

Created on July 31, 2012 by Redpeffer, Writer

Whether you're visiting Chicago anyway or making a special trip, if you love your music festivals then Lollapalooza just has to be one of the best places to travel to. The Lollapalooza lineup offers such a cornucopia of sounds and experiences, it's almost too much for words to describe. Luckily, there are a few well chosen adjectives and verbs to help me out. At Lollapalooza there aren't just over a hundred brilliant bands from around the world to indulge your senses in, there's also some typical festival fun and plenty of partying. Where else in the world can you see a stunning city skyline peeking up at you from behind one of the stages? Only at Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival, that's where. The location's just ...

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Explore The Fabulous Hopewell Rock Formations at the Bay of Fundy

Created on October 03, 2011 by Redpeffer, Writer

If you love to travel the world in search of the amazing ways in which nature creates it's own wonder, then Hopewell Rock in New Brunswick is a must see and should move to the top of your travel bucket list. Here in the Bay of Fundy you can marvel at the Flowerpot Rock formations and explore the ocean floor on foot. If you take a track off the beaten path you might even feel you're an exploring pioneer, so varied are the opportunities to explore this area. Take yourself a picnic, some practical footwear and head off to the treats of the Bay of Fundy searching rock pools, enjoying the shallow surf and collecting sea shells-activities that never stop being fun, whatever your age. ...

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See the towering seastacks at Flowerpot Island, Tobermory

Created on February 12, 2011 by Redpeffer, Writer

Amazing cliffs that tower the coastline, fabulous rock formations crafted by the sea, exciting caves to explore, deep forests, meadows and flowers, all enveloped by stunning crystal clear water combine to make Flowerpot Island an amazingly beautiful destination to add to your world travel agenda. There's almost 500 acres to explore, including plenty of opportunities to hike, swim and scuba dive and this has to be near the top of your list of things to do if you're planning to visit Tobermory.   Originally being home to three sea stacks (one fell down in 1903), the Flowerpots were created by waves pounding at the cracks in the limestone, gradually wearing away the softer limestone. Hence the name-Flowerpot Island-as the resulting rock formations look like huge ...

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Enjoy Some Serious Nonsense at the World Buskers Festival

Created on December 30, 2010 by Redpeffer, Writer

Christchurch plays host to ten days of laughter, chaos and unadulterated fun when the world's best street performer's combine together to turn New Zealand's second city into a huge street party. The World Buskers Festival is definitely something to add to your list of great places to travel. Always a very popular buskers festival and one which sells out every year, visitors will be able to see acrobatics, juggling, stand up comedy and everything you could possibly imagine in the street performers kit bag. Attracting performers from across the globe, the internationally renowned World Buskers Festival transforms areas like Hagley Park with circus, comedy and street performances. Both adults and children are catered to. Don't forget to take a huge bag of loose change alongside ...

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Experience the thrills of the Auckland Sailing Festival

Created on February 08, 2010 by Redpeffer, Writer

If you love sailing, whether you're an amateur on the waves or a seasoned pro, then Auckland in New Zealand just has to be one of the most truly amazing places to visit. Each year Auckland plays host to one of sailing's most prestigious regatta's, Sail Auckland, which welcomes professional racers from young and old alike to compete in this thrilling Olympic class event. Auckland is known the world over as the City of Sails and in 2013 the Royal Akarana Yacht Club at Orakei hosts both the on and off shore sailing festvities. The course will be raced through Hobson Bay and down the harbor towards Kohimarama. Sailors from around the world come to the Waitamata Harbour for Senior and Junior regatta's. Visitors and ...

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Prepare to be Amazed by Humberstone Saltpetre Works, Chile

Created on November 07, 2009 by Redpeffer, Writer

If modern history is your thing and you fancy a taste of something different, then world travel destinations don't get much more fascinating than Humberstone Saltpetre Works in Chile. Designated by UNESCO in 2005 as a World Heritage Sight, it is recent history that both evokes the past as well as chimes with the present and our ever changing world. Chile's Saltpetre is now a ghost town that used to be home to working miners. Abandoned in the 1960's, the majority of the buildings date back as far as 1900 and total more than 200 former saltpetre works. They were created to produce sodium nitrate for explosives and fertilisers. It became known as 'white gold' and created great wealth for Chile. Because these saltpetre towns ...

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Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Hong Kong's Dragon Boat Festival

Created on July 28, 2009 by Redpeffer, Writer

China is a vast country rammed full of amazing things to interest and astound all but the most world weary traveller. Whether you want to make a one off trip to Hong Kong or add it to your world travel bucket list, one of the most colourful and dramatic events to witness has to be the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu. It is a traditional celebration and public holiday which happens on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month each year. Obviously this means travellers hoping to see such an event need to be well planned and organised to ensure they don't miss this vibrant extravaganza. The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival not only involves racing dragon boats, but eating traditional food ...

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Sample the Wooly Wonders of the Golden Shears Festival

Created on July 28, 2009 by Redpeffer, Writer

When you think of New Zealand, it may well conjure up images of spectacular scenery and dramatic landscape, perhaps great food and quality wine. For some the image may also involve long haul flights. Somewhere on that list you may also think sheep, lots and lots of them. They're the mainstay of life in New Zealand and the Jackie Howe Festival of the Golden Shears is when all the sheep and all of those whose lives depend upon them meet for three days of festivities. The Jackie Howe Festival of the Golden Shears involves competition, partying and general celebrations of the woolly creatures. For those whose interest in sheep is fairly limited, there are still plenty of opportunities to get stuck in and enjoy all ...

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