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Staff Contributors

Jonathan Vaas
Jonathan is an attorney and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. An avid traveler and outdoorsman, Jonathan has camped throughout North America and traveled extensively through eastern and southern Africa, Fiji, New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Costa Rica, Europe and Scandinavia; at various times he has lived in Ecuador, Mexico and Argentina.
James Burt
James Burt lives and works in Toronto. He has published travel articles and verse in NOW Magazine and QUILLS Poetry. When not exploring Patagonia or Southern Asia, he can be found trying to discover the best Guinness taps in the city. He is currently editing his third short film.
So many Americans are Francophiles (Paris je t'aime!), and though I am no exception to the rule, Ich hab mein Herz in Deutschland verloren. My family lived in Berlin for many years before moving to the leafy suburbs of New York City, where I was born and reared, and the German culture that influenced my parents seeped down to their children. The Nordic countries have always captured my imagination; I hope to visit those austerely beautiful Northern territories as often as time and money allows. I have lived in England and China and traveled around Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Korea, China, and Japan. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and dream of one day living in Montana, truly the last best place ...
Kathleen O'Connor
Kathleen aka Kumiko is a dual national (Japan/U.S.) who has been traveling for as long as she can remember. On a backpacking trip to Central America, Kathleen met the love of her life. The two and their baby daughter currently live happily in Quito, Ecuador. Although she has taken somewhat of a break from her nomadic lifestyle, Kathleen's passion for travel is still as powerful as ever and she continues to fulfill her wanderlust right at home in South America.
Sami Holloway
Sami grew up in a family of travelers-- being a fifth-generation military brat will do that-- and has lived in various US states, as well as in Turkey, Italy, Japan and Scotland. These are moderately exotic locales to grow up in, and the experience instilled her with a love of travel and of knowing the world first-hand, which she does as often as she can. Her ultimate goal is to move back overseas, preferably to Scotland, and to summer in a new country every year to see it all. Sami is a writer and editor, and lives in St Augustine, Florida, the Oldest City in America.
Dan Kuseta
Dan hails from Melbourne, Australia and has spent the last year traveling around Asia, Europe and Central America. Now living in Toronto, Dan is writes for a number of publications inbetween wrestling with his screenplay and hunting down Toronto's best jerk chicken.
Andy Hayes
My name is Andy Hayes; I am freelance travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. When not out having travel adventures (or dreaming of new ones), I will be out hitting the walking trails near home. I am passionate about global escapades that avoid hordes of tourists. To get in touch or see my other travelogues, visit my website at
Megan Pasche
Megan Pasche is 25 years old, and lives in the Niagara Region of Ontario. She loves to read, write and travel whenever possible. Whether it is a road trip to a town an hour away, or discovering a city on the other side of the world, she is always up for it. Her next big adventure will take her hiking in Bavaria, land of lederhosen and beer. She may or may not spend a day pretending she is Maria Von Trapp, twirling and singing in the Alps.
Lisa Rigdon
Greetings fellow travelers! I am an experienced traveler who has been all across Western Europe, the UK, western Mexico, California, and a few other places in between. All of my adventures have altered my view about the world and my place in it. Allow me to share my tales and give you some insight and advice to help you create your own traveling adventures =0)
Daniel Cummings
Daniel grew up in Toronto, studied creative writing in Vancouver, camped across Canada, traveled around Europe, India, Japan and Southeast Asia, returned to Toronto, wrote plays, wrote prose, wrote songs, wrote games, and flipped houses.
Megan Eaves
Megan Eaves is an avid traveler, writer, musician, explorer, teacher and free spirit. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and Spanish and spends most of her time writing freelance travel articles, teaching and traveling. She has lived and worked in China on several occasions, and spent nearly two years in Ireland finishing her Master's degree. She is the author two guidebooks: "This is China: A Guidebook for Teachers, Backpackers and Other Lunatics" and "Insider's Guide to El Paso" from Globe Pequot Press. Among her list of favourite worldwide spots are the western Connemara region of Ireland, Mong Kok in Hong Kong, the south island of New Zealand, Dublin on a sunny day and the dry pastures of Northern New Mexico, where she grew up. Megan's website,, ...
Christy Robinson
I'm a hybrid web editor-writer who's always looking for an excuse to get away. I spent several years at The Dallas Morning News, where I made my way around the building as an obituary writer, reporter, entertainment and fitness blogger and web editor/producer. Now I'm web managing editor of funky Western lifestyle magazine Cowboys & Indians ( I also try to sneak in some writing for the site when time lets me. Travel-love seized me young. My family lived in the Philippines when I was a small child, so all of my earliest memories take place in a hot, tropical haze of Tagalog, speeding Jeepnies and mango trees. My favorite foreign places I've explored are Malmo, Sweden, and Mexico's Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel. But ...
Abby Agyarquah
Aaron Wilson
Hello all and welcome. Well, obviously two of my interests lie in writing and travelling, fortunately this site serves as a vehicle to fuse those two prerogatives. My other two passions lie in hockey and music, the former of which I have been playing minor professionally for the past five years. It is an endeavour fuelled in part by an incessant love and part by neglect to assimilate to the societal norms of a career defined by a 9-5 schedule. A by-product of my professional experience has been the inherent travel associated with playing. As a result, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to 6 Canadian provinces, 40 American States, and 9 European countries. However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part ...
David G. Elliott
David is a 25 year old who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Over the past 7 years he has traveled all across Canada, America and Mexico. More recently, David has ventured even further to extreme locations around the globe. David has been to over 120 cities in 24 countries around the world. His travel experiences and stories will entertain and engage any reader. In May 2009, David returned from a year of teaching English in South Korea. The "World Traveler", his nickname coined by his family and friends, is currently working on his first novel. He enjoys writing, reading, marketing, sports, entertainment, enjoying great times with friends...and of course, TRAVELING!!
Courtney McConnell
Love to travel. Love new experiences and engaging with others from different cultures! Hopefully my writing will inspire you to try something new as well. :)
Valerie Caulin
- A freelance writer and a certified wanderlust. I love venturing in different and new places--discovering new attractions and destinations.
Erik Shonstrom
Erik is a writer and teacher living in Burlington, Vermont. When not teaching writing at Champlain College to undergrads, Erik can be found exploring the world with his family. He writes about the intersection between the wilderness and imagination at
Alanna Goldstein
My name is Alanna Goldstein. And I love this planet. Travel isn't about where you go - travel is a state of mind.
Mark Yeow
Mark Yeow is a Sydney-based freelance writer with a passion for travel. Originally hailing from Singapore, he cites Tokyo as the best city in which to rethink yourself, and Paris as the place to question romantic illusions about travel. When abroad, he enjoys skiing, taking photographs of roadsides and sunsets, and eating. He really, really loves noodles.
Camilla Cheung
Camilla is a Canadian freelance writer who recently moved from China (where she taught English at a university) to the Central Coast of California, where she lives with her husband. Together, they have traveled the world, from backpacking through Southeast Asia, driving around New Zealand and Australia, to taking the train around Japan, China and Taiwan. She also blogs on food and cooking at Check out her online portfolio at
Fan Li
I've backpacked across Europe, visited 19 cities. I've Hitchhiked in Cuba, bussed across Canada twice, driven across the US from Walla Walla, WA to Detroit. There's no place like home, but there's no feeling like being on the road.
Jared Dellinger
Traveling is an addiction I caught during college when my roomates all convinced me to get out and experience new places. Ever since, I haven't looked back. I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific for two years, learning and working in an unforgettable environment that I am willing to share with anyone who will listen. I love to see what life is like outside of the normal comfort zones and I love relaying it back to people at home to create an atmosphere of understanding and ultimately if I influence one person to get out and do the same thing I was convinced to do, I will consider it a great accomplishment.
Cassandra Shaw
Cassandra Shaw has travelled to and lived in varous different cities around the world. She is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa and works as a freelance writer. Check out her new blog at AND some of her other stuff on
Katie Cappello
Katie is a freelance writer who lives and works in a small farming town in Northern California. A native of Phoenix, Arizona, she developed a love of the outdoors at a young age, and enjoys camping, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and exploring new places.
Tabatha Smith
I love to write, read, travel and dream about where to next. I also have a teaching qualification that sustains me in between trips. I've just moved back home after 11 years away, so the plan for the near future is to explore the USA with my Aussie husband. Follow my travels on
Bethany Anderson
Calling myself a world-traveler is a bit of an understatement. By July I will have lived in 5 countries on 4 different continents... all unique spots on the globe that inspire life & adventure. For more on my globe-hopping escapades, check out:!
Sidonie Wybourn
Sidonie Wybourn is a 26 year old travel and adventure addict who loves telling stories.
Paromita Goswami
See India through my eyes.
Emmanuelle Fontaine
Travelling is my passion. From choosing a destination to organizing the trip and then finally going there, I love absolutely every aspect of it. I come from a small village in the French Alps, which is probably why I enjoy hiking so much, as there is not much else to do there in the summer! And because it is so remote and isolated, I have always been attracted by what was on the other side of the mountains and beyond, and took every opportunity to see the world. As a student, I spent a year in Wales as I wrote a thesis on the Celts. A couple of years later, I moved to Guinea, West Africa to teach expat and local kids, and then went ...
Lynda Buwalda
Lynda currently lives and studies in Toronto, ON. Her desire to explore the world has led her to spend time living, working, studying and traveling throughout North America, Europe and Asia. With the studies winding down, she hopes to embark on another great adventure in the near future.
Drew Tapley
Drew has explored countries on four continents so far. He is originally from the UK, and now lives in Toronto. Contact:
Bill Lehane
Bill Lehane, 28, is a freelance writer from Dublin, Ireland. He has worked in a number of different media fields over the past eight years, including online news media, arts writing, newspaper sub-editing and news reporting. He has travelled extensively in Europe as well as China, Australia, Fiji, Japan and the US, where he is presently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He prefers the simple pleasures of travel: a good view, a good tune, a good coffee, good people.
Connie Motz
Connie Motz is a Freelance Travel Writer, former Certified Travel Consultant and Accredited Cruise Counsellor, a Certified Pharmacy Technician, a volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society and a mother of two teenage boys, who lives in Southern British Columbia, Canada.
Jason Hussong
Based in Denver, Colorado, I'm the author of "The Drive North: A Swing Down Memory Lane." It is my first book, published in March, 2011. I also post on my own site at
Tara Anderson
I am a writer, yoga teacher and traveller, at heart. I currently work in magazine publishing but have been slowly inching my way away from the mundane 9 – 5, sit behind a desk job. Travelling and writing have always been a part of my life. At 5 I was directing my mother through the Hong Kong Airport, 18 back packing solo through Europe and Morroco, and at 19 defending myself from innocent shop keepers and their offers of Chai throughout India. The list goes on... I look forward to travelling to India, China & Ecuador again, however before those trips happen I will most likely fit in short trips throughout the US and Canada.
Tina Isa
Ever since I was quite young, I've always travelled to far off places. Let me tell you, it gets quite addictive! Even today, I find it hard to stay in one place for too long and am constantly on the move, even if it's on a little adventure road-trip with friends. Hopefully some of my past experiences can help you plan and build new ones! :) Update: Yep, I've just relocated again! Many more adventures to be reported here shortly.
Nicole Bowers
I currently spend most of my time in Havana, Cuba, where I write, translate and organize cultural trips. When I'm not in Cuba, I serve, cook and teach, giving me the variety I love in my life!
Wanderlust! I love to travel, meet new people, learn different things.
Deanna Pagnan
I am originally from Guelph, Ontario, and am currently calling Toronto home. I've visited over ten countries this past year, mostly throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. I've also travelled around Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Central America
Catherine O'Halloran
I've been writing since I was a kid, starting with ridiculous plays for my family to act out. Costumes and all. As I grew up, I kept writing, moving on from plays to fiction novels and short stories. Never having really shown my writing to the public, I decided to take a risk and sign up with this website. It seemed a fun opportunity, as I love travelling. I have had the luck and good fortune to travel a fair bit throughout my life, and hope that through combining two of my biggest loves (travel and writing) I can entertain others.
Erin Pienaar
I recently spent a year working and traveling in the UK. I'm enjoying being back in Canada and I'm hoping to go to South Africa next year.
Amanda Wenek
I want to inspire & be inspired, and make the world a pretty place. I have a Graduate Diploma in Journalism and my BA in Honours Philosophy and English. I have four years of work experience in the communications industry including an editorial internship at ELLE Canada. I'm a travel, pop-culture, music, and fashion enthusiast with a passion for people, the ocean and changing the world.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson is freelance writer focusing on all things outdoors, with emphasis on self-propelled recreation like hiking, camping, cycling, and general where-to projects, and other areas such as conservation and climate change. Most of his work takes place in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Mexico, with an especially strong affinity for alpine environs. Steve is a fourth-generation Wisconsin native, currently living on a small farm with his family in southeastern Minnesota. Go to for a look at past books and articles.
Emily Santos
Emily Santos is a writer, photographer and television host based out of the GTA. She graduated Seneca College for Journalism Broadcast in 2008. Since her graduation Emily has had the pleasure to interview top Canadian talents like Bedouin Soundclash, The Midway State and Shiloh. Emily has travelled to Europe, The United States and continues to explore her home country, Canada. She plans to visit Norway early next year.
Rachel Hart
I am a recent graduate and am currently working as a pastry chef assistant. I have two main passions in life: travel and food, and I love writing about both. My student years were when both of these passions grew: in the past four years I have been to a number of different countries and spent a semester in New Zealand. I always make sure to try the local food - the mre exotic the better. Now I spend most of my spare time planning my next trip; right now, I have my sights set on Lisbon, where I hear the pastries are as good as the views!
Tyler Remington Harkness
Kory Kilmer
Like many people, Kory traveled avidly through college only to put on the brakes as he chased some corporate dreams after graduation. A decade later he has once again hit the road as he attempts to refocus his life on the simple pleasures found in the most unlikely places. He is the Colorado Springs Travel Examiner for, and tries to blog (albeit sporadically) about everyday life as a husband and father attempting to find his way under the shadow of Pikes Peak at
Susan Furber
I am a developing freelance travel writer and photographer, sharing my time between Australia and the United Kingdom. I am currently working in London as an Adviser - Digital Internal Communication for a large blue-chip company, while trying to develop my writing and photography. In 2009 I spent 4 months travelling through Europe, including participating in photography workshops in Spain, France and Iceland. I am travelling to the United States and Australia for a month over christmas and the new year and returning in 2011 to travel again to Iceland and Africa. My photography site is and my travel blog is
Kirsten Schmoll
Kirsten is a recent graduate of the journalism-new media post grad program and has a BA in studio arts. She loves taking photographs and traveling. Tag along on her journeys!
Anna Shevchenko
I am an aspiring writer and a devoted traveler. I am in love with the world and seek out opportunities to see, learn, and experience as much of it as I can. Of course, I love the first-hand knowledge of visiting a foreign country, but I enjoy learning through history, art, literature, and languages as much. Born and raised in Ukraine, I moved to Canada eight years ago. I’ve done some modeling, which gave me the opportunity to experience many more places around the globe. Having just finished my degree in Toronto, I look forward to more travels.
Angela Jill
Angela Jill is an aspiring writer currently living in the Niagara Region in Canada. She loves travelling in places where she has enough of a grasp of the local language that she can at least try to speak it. Her day job is leading wine tastings and she caters to customers from all over the world. In this way, she can feel like she is travelling even when she is not.
Tammy Burns
Tammy Burns is a writer and editor based out of Toronto, Canada. She has an addiction to red wine, lattes, and documentaries about Mount Everest, and dreams of one day living in Reykjavik, Iceland. Tammy blogs about travel, travel writing, and general misadventures at
Elaine Wong
Travelling, eating and the arts are my passions, I try to intermingle all those as often as possible. I have worked in Japan and England, and have travelled to most of the countries of East Asia and a number of places in Western Europe too. Am currently back in Canada dreaming of jungles and rainforests. Food Website:
Scottie Bakes
I started traveling in February 2009 after finally finishing school and saving a bit of money. It started in the UK where I lived and worked for 4 months while taking short trips to Wales, Scotland and Egypt. The real traveling started when I won a bus trip around Europe. I have since been back to Europe twice and out the British Columbia for the winter olympics. While traveling I enjoyed sharing the crazy stories with friends and family through my blog (this is where you find the uncensored versions) and now want to share it with anyone who is interested. The next destination is Australia, New Zealand and Thailand where I've won a surfing trip, should be fun
Caroline Morse
After living in suburbia for 18 years, Caroline got as far away as possible - first living in Ireland and then England. She now lives in New York City, but misses the $1 flights from RyanAir and EasyJet.
Spencer Spellman
I'm a travel journalist based out of the southeastern U.S. I started traveling at a young age, since my sister was a flight attendant, flying by myself for the first time at 8 years old. Though I can't mooch off my sister any longer, I simply can't fight the itch and kick my travel addiction. I've been a writer and editor for multiple travel publications and travel guides, predominantly in the digital world, but breaking into print magazines and travel guides now.
Cat London
Wanderlust struck me at a young age, and I've taken every opportunity to launch myself out of the comforts of home and into the wider world. I love to explore new places, meet new people, and take photos to bring the experiences home. The only continents I haven't spent at least a month on are South America and Antarctica -- and they're on the list!
JR Riel
J.R. has been drifting the globe on and off for the past decade, but has just recently left behind the "9 to 5" for a long term adventure outside the box. Through the course of his travels he has lived in various places; from Bridgehampton, New York to Lanai City, Hawaii. He currently resides in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where he is studying Mandarin and experiencing the joys of Taiwanese beef noodles, dry.
Kiki Ross
Freelance writer, caffeine addict, and mother to one crotchety cat and one peppery puppy.
Marjorie McAtee
Marjorie McAtee is a freelance writer and citizen of the world. She has visited more than forty contiguous American states and more than a dozen European countries. She specializes in SEO content on a wide range of topics. You can find more of her travel writing on and Write her at with your questions, comments, job offers and effusive praise.
Maya Franciszkiewicz
Can't seem to kick this wanderlust. I've just returned home to Toronto from a year long venture in Australia and New Zealand. I had so many wonderful experiences and I can't wait to share a few. When at home I work as a Crisis Counsellor but am trying my hand at writing. My passion for travel has taken me to South and Central America as well as all over Europe, and it will hopefully be taking me to Nepal and India this coming Fall. I am looking forward to contributing more travel experiences as well as reading others. I think it's great how travel writing is making the world accessible to everyone and bringing people together, I'm proud to be part of it. Cheers!
Mary Chong
I’ve always believed that traveling is not about the trip and the souvenirs but about the experiences, people and the adventure along the way. I’m an avid cruise ship passenger -logged over 5 months on the high seas on 25 cruise holidays in the Caribbean (East, West and South) -cruised from San Francisco down the west coast to Mexico -cruised Asia from Singapore, through South East Asia to Mumbai -cruised the Mediterranean from Barcelona, through France, Italy and Tunisia I’m a car passenger -drove from Toronto down the east coast to Florida countless times -toured the Grand Circle from Las Vegas, Nevada through to Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico -drove the west coast from San Francisco down to Los Angeles -hiked all the national ...
Melaina Gasbarrino
Traveling, writing and photography are my passions. Currently back home in Canada traveling to the ends of the earth has provided me with the gusto to write of anything I have seen along the way home. Traveling through Australia, Europe, The Caribbean and my favourite destination Hawaii I have embraced all cultures, and when I step foot on new ground I never want to leave! To travel the world is a luxury and I am ever so grateful to experience this luxury, to capture memories through photographs and written experiences so all can feel as if they have made it to all the precious nooks and crannies the world has to offer.
Michelle Lin
My name's Michelle and I'm from Toronto, Canada. Currently I'm studying illustration at OCAD and English literature at the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, I want to continue traveling by teaching english abroad. I have lived in Montreal and Chicago and have traveled all over North America. I have also been to China, and spent four months this summer backpacking across the east coast of Australia. I've been learning German for over a year, and am hoping to go there next year!
Lydia Schrandt
I have been traveling, writing, photographing, and designing jewelry for the past two years. After a year of teaching English in South Korea, I relocated to southern China and made the switch to full-time freelance writing. I blog about travels at, about food (my other passion) at, and about my craft at
Linu Paul
Traveling, writing and cooking have been my lifelong passions. I never miss a chance to travel to a new place or learn about new cultures and cuisines.
Veronica Litt
Jodi Garner
Jodi Garner is 24 years old, and lives in Toronto, Ontario. She loves to read, write and of course travel. No matter the trip near or far she's always up for an adventure and loves to explore and discover new things. For her next big adventure she hope to backpack South Africa!
Jeff McCreight
I've been living in Madrid for 2 years where the pace is much more relaxed than New England ever was. Cheap European flights have recently allowed me to visit Lisbon, Oporto, Rome, Napoli, Sevilla, Granada, Lyon, Oslo, Trondheim, and others. Before this I lived in Brazil on and off, and I spent some time in India before that. Until I find a place to put down roots, I reckon I'll keep exploring.
Morgan Squires
I'm a 27 year old freelancer and an avid traveller! I've been to Asia, Europe, North Africa, North America, through bits of the Pacific and of course through Australia and New Zealand! Of course the best place to travel...Australia! Though I am a little biased about this of course!!
Devender Kundaliya
Devendra Kundaliya lives in Dehradun, India and spent almost 34 years in Delhi before shifting to Dehradun in 2009. He loves travelling to remotest places in India. In the past few years, he has travelled much in India. He believes life is a journey and the real pleasure of a journey lies not just in reaching your destination but in the path through which you reach the destination. You may contact him at
Dayle Parker
Dayle caught the travel bug at a young age, taking epic road trips across North America with her travel-happy family from Toronto, Canada. She's taken on Europe, Mexico, Central America, Australia and Southeast Asia with her backpack, and doesn't plan to slow down anytime soon. Along the way, Dayle has learned to scuba dive, surf, shoot an AK47, pilot a campervan through the Outback, and count to ten in Burmese. She has written for various Canadian and Australian publications, including the National Post, Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette, The Record, and McClung’s magazine. Dayle is currently living it up in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Check out her travel blog at
Brittany Walters Bearden
I am a freelance writer, fashion designer, and ring announcer. I live in Las Vegas with my husband Jeff (professional wrestler Giant Warrior), although we are never in the same place for long. We have traveled all over the world and lived in Johannesburg for eight months. I love all things fashion, fitness, scuba, and Bikram (a self-proclaimed Bikini rather than yogini). I graduated from The University of Wisconsin in 2008 with a degree in English, focusing in Victorian and Comparative Literature; I am also a former PADI Divemaster and Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson. Please follow me or read more on and Twitter @bwbatlarge.
Mara Munro
Mara is a globetrotting yoga teacher and writer who fell in love with Turkey. her mission is to share stories about the phenomenal beauty, history and hospitality of this often over-looked country.
Biju Sukumaran
Biju is an American freelance writer based in Xiamen, China. Formerly a teacher in Thailand and South Korea, he currently roams the streets sampling Fujian food, culture, and nightlife as the head writer of Xiamen Wave Magazine, the premier guide to Xiamen. When not writing, Biju attempts to experience Asia to the fullest, from visiting temples in South India and Tibet and hiking in Indonesia, to eating poisonous puffer fish in Japan and scuba diving in Vietnam. Check out his travel blog at, his writing blog,, and his online portfolio at
Patricia Gorman
Patricia Gorman is a freelance writer, currently living, traveling and writing in Morocco.
Melissa Rodway
At, you will find my latest travel adventures as I took on Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China! This was a four and a half month trip with the extremes of backpacking in hostels to flashpacking in some of the world's finest luxury hotels! Be prepared to feel like you were right along with me for the journey! Stay tuned for my next adventure, I feel Turkey calling. If you're interested in my past adventures to Latin America by group, bike, FIT and independent travel, contact
Kristen Hulsey
I always thought I had my life figured out: Finish high school with good grades, get my diploma in Advertising, marry my boyfriend and dedicate my life to making a career and home for myself in my good ol' hometown of San Francisco, California. When I was handed my diploma at age 21, bitter and emotionally scarred from the inevitable break-up, I knew I could either stick with the plan or go with my gut. I've always had the innate urge to get as far away from home as I could; yet my craving for adventure always took a backseat to the nagging voice in my head telling me to focus on my future. What I never realized was that obsessing over my idealised "future" ...
Alexandra E. Szydlowska
Alexandra is a London-based freelance travel and food writer. When she isn't working, she loves escaping to the countryside for an afternoon of rambling and pubbing. She feels most at home in Warsaw, while her latest travel plans promise to wash her up on the Baltic coast of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. You can check out her food blog, Oysters and Eel Pie, at
Moneera Mellick
After an inspirational nine month journey through Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East, I have a renewed appreciation and respect for our world and its peoples. Previous journeys have taken me along the east coast of Australia, the Pacific and Europe, including extensive travel through Italy. I have a passion for writing, photography and languages. I can speak Italian, and understand a little Arabic. I love creating travel itineraries and making sure I never stick to them!
Joe Worthington
I love to travel and try to travel to as many different places, on as many different airlines that I possibly can. I write about my travels, as I am a travel writer/Journalist. I have done some travel articles recently, including writing for a south african airline inflight magazine, kenyan airlines inflight magazine, garuda indonesia airlines inflight magazine, and I am writing the info for an itunes app on the city of Liverpool. I have written for an airport magazine and for a Thai hotel chain. I have a job with a high end Russian business travel magazine lined up. Plus lots of writing for private clients, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Association. I have done many different political shadowings in the UK, and ...
Sith Thanprasertsuk
Having taught to read the world atlas at the age of two, I sensed my wanderlust and started to dream about overlanding to Honduras and Nicaragua since then. (Yup, I didn't know about the civil war between Contra and Sandinista that was going on then, and I still don't care a Pacific Crossing!) An Immersion in animations such as Duck's Tales and The Adventures of Tin Tin during my childhood, TV Shows including Globe Trekkers and Trailblazers, and various travel literatures from Dervla Murphy to Sean Condon in the further years keep on arousing me to stick with my own dream steadily. After a graduation in Journalism and one long lost in translation, I ditched careers in political correspondence and IMC to become full-time freelance ...
Kirsten Gallagher
Kirsten is a no-frills kind of traveler with a sense of humor (thankfully). She’s backpacked through the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Peru and Thailand. Her experiences have been both inspiring and... character-building. Next on her list is southern Africa at the end of the year.
Marjorie Jane M. Asis
Jeign (a.k.a. The Writing Specialist) is a purpose-driven person who loves to travel. It's her way of saying that she's not just existing but living. She enjoys meeting people from all walks of life--regardless of religion, belief, age, nationality or economic status. She currently resides in United Arab Emirates along with her family. She was able to travel in some parts of the world including China and Iran.
Roberto S. Suarez II
is a freelance writer and loves to travel in different places.
Denise Beresford
Hi, I'm Denise. The travel bug first bit me when I was 18 years old and like many pre-university students decided to see something of the world before settling down to further study. I actually ended up spending 9 months in Naples and fell in love with Italy. I've since returned to that adorable country 7 times. Once I settled in to the world of work, travel naturally became limited by time but I was lucky enough to travel on 3 main holidays a year and take loads of short weekend breaks. I live in the UK which is a fabulous country and I hope to introduce you to some of the terrific places outside of London (which is amazing but there is so much ...
Vanessa Boiser
Vanessa is a media analyst by profession and an analogue photography hobbyist who wishes one day to travel the world with her toy and vintage camera collection.
Maya C. Robinson
My name is Maya Robinson and I am currently a university student entering my fourth and final year of studies. I recently traveled abroad to Thailand, where I pursued a minor in studies involving Thai language, civilization, and culture. I was also delighted to take courses in which I learned Muay-Thai boxing and Thai Culinary Arts. The experience was absolutely amazing, and really opened my eyes to a culture and lifestyle drastically different to my own in the United States. Along my travels, I kept a detailed blog, but upon discovering this site, I realized there were many more ways to share my experiences with others, and hopefully encourage others to explore Southeast Asia and all it has to offer. When I returned home to ...
Leroy Flowers
Leroy Flowers has been a professional freelance article writer since 2009, contributing to eHow and other publications. Leroy has written on various topics such as web hosting, home improvement, relationships and much more. He enjoys songwriting, poetry and creative writing and is currently attending the University of Phoenix, planning to have his associate degree in the art of business in 2011.
Mona Rae
I am a freelance writer and have been writing on various tourist destinations for over 5 years
Shujauddin Razmi
I am very fond of traveling and watching beautiful historical places having great assets of information and knowledge. I like to see the whole world and grab beautiful moments in my writing. Writing is one of the most tedious tasks but having practical experience of travel and watching things closely gives you more insight than just reading. On other hand, reading beautifully compiled travel stories not only give you handy information but they also motivate other people (readers) to visit those places in person. Enjoy my reading and enjoy your travel! You can contact me at
Aaron JacksonCrabb
On February 2nd, 2002 my wanderlust for travel began as I boarded a United Airlines flight leaving Las Vegas International Airport en route to Brisbane International Airport. Landing in a country commonly referred to as "OZ" my journey for adventure began. What I did not know then was this one flight would lead me to fly over the Pacific Ocean eleven more times in seven years. Originally from America, I have lived, traveled and/or worked in Canada, Costa Rica, Fiji, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. An avid global freelance journalist, I work as an editor, photographer and writer.
Nita Mukherjee
An educationist for 25 years and freelance writer in the print media for the last twelve years, I have been writing online for five years--blogs, reviews and articles on travel and life style related issues. I write for associated content/the yahoo contributor network, trazzler, guide gecko, suite101 etc. I enjoy traveling and writing about aspects of my country India; my personal blog is I live in New Delhi, India.
Carri Wilbanks
I want to be a tourist for a living, inspiring people to live. I take every chance to scoop up new adventures and tour local sights, which has earned me the name “Curious Georgia.” Living in the South of France and across Europe has unlocked my passion for traveling. From sunrise to sunset I couldn’t get enough of the local people, flavors and feels. When I went to sleep I always had an anxious feeling bubbling because the next day would be a chance to uncover something new. I have kept this enthusiasm now that I am back in my home state. I’m not just along for the ride, I am the driver. “Curious Georgia” is on the loose and ready to unravel never been ...
Biji Ravindran
I am the mother of a wonderful boy, who is 9 and half months by August 2012. Writing is my passion. I have worked as a freelance copy editor and content/ghost writer for a UK based publishing firm, and also worked as their Editor-in-Chief for a year. I have expertise in writing articles from various niches including health, finance, law, technology, travel and lifestyle. I love traveling and pursuing hobbies such as knitting, reading and crocheting. I long to travel around the world some day and would love to jot down my experiences, be it good or bad. Looking forward to a wonderful writing experience with "The Circumference."
Gabrielle Pickard
Having been brought up visiting the Isle of Eigg in Scotland as opposed to Butlins, Paros in Greece instead of Benidorm and the Dordogne rather than Disneyland, I have always maintained a passion for travelling to places that are 'off the beaten track'. The Spanish sierras are one of my favourite places and are where I spends a significant amount of the year, experiencing the local culture and teaching Spanish to British expats in a old tumbling down farmhouse in the mountains! Since a young age I have always been found of putting my travel experiences on paper and since finishing my degree in Media and Cultural Studies in 2002 I have been freelance writing for a list of publications so long, it could probably ...
I'm a mum of two who loves to travel and discover great things to do with the family. Some of my favourite places to vist are the majestic beauty of Edinburgh, the whole of glorious Cornwall, the relative quiet of Northern France and beautiful Boston, New England. I write about anything and everything at my blog, please take a look. In my spare time I'm a freelance writer.
David Martin
A 29 year old freelance writer and film maker with a passion for travelling. At home in any big city or in any small bar in the world.
Megan MacKay
Megan MacKay is a freelance writer based in Toronto, Canada. She loves to travel and explore the world, especially big cities. Megan's favourite places to visit include London, Buenos Aires, New York, and Chicago.
Alexandria Williams
“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” (Saint Augustine). This quote epitomizes my travel philosophy. Captured by wanderlust while earning my masters at Oxford, I went from no travel experience to seeing over 9 countries in 6 months. I now work as a freelance writer, travel as much as possible and learn languages.Keep up with my writing adventures on my blog: and for positive inspiration follow me on twitter @AWill2Go.
Curtis M. Revis Seubert
Largely a sedentary writer, spending most of my time at home in front of the computer screen or reading books, I nevertheless have a passionate need to travel that is restrained only by my financial and familial obligations. Still, when I do get the chance to get out and see the world, I do so vigorously with wide eyes and unrestrained optimism. I have traveled throughout the West Coast of the U.S., even hitch-hiking the famed highway 101 from Washington to Northern California. Outside of the U.S., I have spent considerable time traveling in Japan, where I currently reside. Other, shorter, trips include China, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, and London.
Jarred Gitz
I live in Little Rock, Ar but have traveled a good deal throughout the U.S. I love snowboarding, skiing, and hiking. I ride my bike a lot and would love more than anything to go on a cycling tour of Europe.
Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he writes about travel and food. He loves the Pacific Ocean, all the way from Tijuana to Vancouver and back. He has recently rafted the Grand Canyon and driven down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to San Diego.
Jasmine Greene
Jasmine Greene was bit by the travel bug at the tender age of 1 when she moved from Kyoto, Japan to Central NY. From there she has been to most of the states on the east coast, Canada, Germany, France, Romania, Japan and the Virgin Islands. She hopes to one day visit almost every country (though she probably won't live long enough to truly appreciate all of them). Currently she resides in New York City. You can read more about her travels at
Marlo Heresco
Marlo Heresco is a full-time international freelance writer with numerous years of writing experience. She has explored, shopped, eaten and slept in more than 165 cities across the globe and has lived in three countries. Aside from penning and travel, her passions include books, chocolate and shoes. She provides writing services from her home in the Riviera Maya where she resides with her two dogs. Join in her random thoughts at the Cracker Factory ( or visit her online portfolio at