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About Us

Everyday we wake up and face choices. What sweater should I wear to work? Should I stay late at the office to finish yet another dull and monotonous report? What to eat from the food court? For those that can’t see the forest for the trees, these details will occupy their attention for most of their lives, while for others the moment of inspiration fated to spur their next travel adventure is just around the corner—or, should I say webpage? The Circumference is a collection of unique travel experiences set to inspire life. We share them in the hope of invigorating a small percentage of people to break free from the "cubicle nation" that society has so easily conditioned them to—and to get out and explore the world and their own unlimited potential. Maybe the time isn't right in your life to pick up and pack up right now; but even if you are stealing away for only a few weeks of the year, use this time to stretch your soul abroad!

Travel isn't about getting the perfect tan, or sitting by the pool on a beach, it's about leaving what you know. Immersing yourself in the unfamiliar, pushes you to cultivate and experience a myriad of feelings hard to come by in day-to-day mainstream culture: Excitement, freedom, courage and growth! The very fact that you are on this site means that you have the desire in you to explore and appreciate this great gift that we have been given: Earth and all its wondrous beings! The unique travel experiences collected on The Circumference pay homage to the many wonders this world has to offer while piously growing in our appreciation for a universal language of joy, love, peace, wisdom and creativity. Ignite your imagination with insight into unique travel experiences from around the world as we provide you with all the information needed to choose your next adventure; such as videos, photos, local language guides, interactive 3d mapping, multilingual articles, trip providers and hotels.

Tomorrow is a new day! Anything is possible, even slipping through the cracks of society and living to tell of it.

What are dreams for, if not to follow?

Launched in August of 2008, we are still growing and welcome your feedback. For comments or questions feel free to contact us at The Circumference is part of the Snozberry Media family.