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Nimis Sculpture in Landonia: Modern Art Surrounded by Nature

Published by Madison E. LaFond

Country: Sweden

The Experience

As world travelers we all have a secret desire to get wonderfully lost in a new place. How about a site made just for people like us? An incredible work of art that is not listed on maps and can only be reached by hiking on foot through a nature preserve? You literally have to get lost to see The Nimis Sculpture.

Nimis is a modern sculpture that was built by Swedish artist Lars Endel Roger Vilks. Vilks named the sculpture Nimis, which is Swedish for "too much." The Nimis Sculpture is constructed of 75 tons of driftwood and is located in the coastal Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Because of this location it was actually several years before the Nimis Sculpture was discovered.

When the Nimis Sculpture was discovered in 1982 controversy exploded. The local authorities declared The Nimis would have to be destroyed. Their reasoning was that because it was built on the Kullaberg Nature Reserve it was violating the protection of the area.

Lars Vilks appealed this action repeatedly. But lost again and again. It looked like his masterpiece Nimis would be destroyed. By way of cheating the system Lars Vilks sold the Nimis Sculpture to an artists couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The result of all this is controversy and court orders is that Nimis is not recognized by the Swedish government and does not appear on any maps or posted signs. However, the Nimis masterpiece has not been demolished and draws many tourists to the surrounding area.

But Lars Vilks wasn't finished with the Swedish government. As protest to all the controversy surrounding the Nimis Sculpture Lars Vilks pronounced the area surrounding the sculpture, approximately .38 square miles, to be a micronation separate from Sweden and the Swedish government known as Ladonia. Ladonia was established on June 2, 1996.

Ladonia has become incredibly popular. As off 2011 Ladonia had over 15,500 citizens. Obviously given that the area of Lodonia is less than a square mile none of these citizens actually live within Lodonia's borders.

The Nimis Sculpture is a fascinating piece of modern art. It is comprised of beautiful towers constructed out of drift wood. It is also a great example of how even in this technologically infused world art is still important enough to change lives.




When to Go to Nimis Landonia

Most people prefer to visit Sweden in the spring or the summer. The pros to visiting Sweden in the summer include the chance to see the mid-night sun, which attracts travelers from around the globe. The cons to traveling in the summer to Sweden include more crowds and thus everything is more expensive. Also consider that cultural happenings in Sweden, such as the ballet, are off during the summer.

However Swedish springs are beautiful, given that Nimis is in Kullaberg Nature Reserve it is probably best to plan your trip in the spring. The nature reserve will be beautiful.

Odds n' Ends

Remember that Nimis is in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve. This means no picking any of the beautiful flowers you see and leaving everything in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve as you found it.


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