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La Tomatina, The Worlds Largest Food Fight!

Published by Kristin Cowles, Editor-in-Chief

Country: Spain

The Experience

Children brought up in any proper home were taught not to throw their food, but when you visit the La Tomatina Festival, this is the one destination that will deliver the sweetest of pleasures to those suppressed childhood dreams of rebellion. No need to feel guilty about tossin’ out the rules that your mom so sweetly instilled in you here, in Bunol Spain the La Tomatina Festival showcases one of the least publicized talents for many, that of throwing your food, tomatoes to be specific! During the celebration this small town of normally 9,000 is flooded with enthusiasts from all over the world to take part in week long festivities of music, dancing, fireworks, and of course the main event. To start the fight, water canons blast and the hour long battle of every man for himself begins. The after math of such a saucy event is none other then street bathing, which can be just as fun as the initial messy match!




When to Go to La Tomatina

The La Tomatina Festival held annually on the last Wednesday of August each year in Bunol Spain, draws an astonishing 10,000 participants to a tradition which origins are uncertain.

Odds n' Ends

Participants wishing to experience this unparalleled culinary encounter might find accommodations tight due to such a large influx in the city, and can opt to stay in Valencia and travel by bus or train to the festivities approximately 35km away. Some general tips include wearing protective eyewear, squishing tomatoes before throwing and an openness to nudity as inevitably shirts are lost in the battle. Bon appetite!


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