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Explore the world's deepest cave, the Krubera-Voronja

Published by Paul Cowles, Editor

Country: Georgia

The Experience

Descending down jagged rock and squeezing through confined underground pools, professional caver's and speleologists surpassed the world record caving depth in 2005, descending an astounding 2,140 meters into the earth at Krubera Voronja Cave. This tunnel to the deepest depths of the earth also known as the Crows Cave, Krubera Cave, or Voronya Cave, is located in Arabika Massif of the Gagra Range, in Abkhazia, Georgia. Even now it is unknown as to whether the absolute bottom has been reached, and it is speculated that the future holds deeper descents. Something to explore for those looking to join an elite group of adventurers.


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