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Explore The Fabulous Hopewell Rock Formations at the Bay of Fundy

Published by Redpeffer, Writer

Country: Canada

The Experience

If you love to travel the world in search of the amazing ways in which nature creates it's own wonder, then Hopewell Rock in New Brunswick is a must see and should move to the top of your travel bucket list. Here in the Bay of Fundy you can marvel at the Flowerpot Rock formations and explore the ocean floor on foot. If you take a track off the beaten path you might even feel you're an exploring pioneer, so varied are the opportunities to explore this area.

Take yourself a picnic, some practical footwear and head off to the treats of the Bay of Fundy searching rock pools, enjoying the shallow surf and collecting sea shells-activities that never stop being fun, whatever your age. Enjoy nature at its finest and let your imagination run wild like your surroundings.

Hopewell Rocks are not without their tourism essentials however, such as an information centre, shop, ice cream outlet etc. The interpretive centre is especially good and has plenty of interesting exhibits and information that will add to your visit, so well worth a look.

You have about a 6 hour window on either side of the low tide to explore the Flowerpot Rocks so there should be plenty of opportunities to have fun. You can quite literally walk the ocean floor before high tide arrives and engulfs the rocks in sea water. The time at which you must leave the beach is posted at the top of the stairs before you climb down, but in case you miss it there is always a park ranger on duty down on the beach. During the high season there are also interpretive guides available to give visitors living history and geology lessons about the amazing Flowerpot Rock formations that surround you. If you are unlucky with the tide times, don't leave too disappointed as it's possible to book Bay of Fundy cruises or kayaking activities that will take you round the Flowerpot Rock formations in high tide.

Make sure you wear decent footwear and expect to get more than a little muddy. It's possible to walk around the main Flowerpot Rock formations without getting too dirty, but if you want to go 'off the beaten track' or get to the water's edge you'll get a bit squelchy. Bare feet are sometimes the better option. If you do get a little dirty, there are showers and hoses available to wash yourselves off at the top of the stairs however.

It's possible to take a shuttle bus down to the Flowerpot Rocks, with just a short walk for those with mobility issues. Prices are approximately $2 per person each way. It is also possible to take strollers, but only for the Hopewell Bay Rocks viewing area. They're definitely not recommended to take down the steep stairs for obvious reasons, but also struggling with a stroller through muddy sand can't be anyone's idea of much fun.

Whether you're passing through or staying locally, visiting the Flowerpot Rock formations at Hopewell Bay just has to be one of the most incredible things to do not only in New Brunswick but in the world.




When to Go to Hopewell Rocks

It's well worth checking the Bay of Fundy tide times before you go as you won't be able to make the most out of your visit unless you do.

Odds n' Ends

Admission rates currently start at $9 for adults and the ticket lasts for two consecutive days. There are concessionary rates available for seniors and students and children under 4 are free.


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