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Relax on the Secluded Shores of Guisi Beach

Published by Valerie Caulin, Writer

Country: Philippines

The Experience

Guisi Beach is a peach of a beach located on the island of Guimaras, in the Visayas Region of the Philippines. As the soft golden sand sinks between your toes and crystal clear water laps onto the shore, you will be awestruck at the serene and sheltered surroundings you have descended upon. This beautiful beach faces the open sea, with a seemingly infinite view of the sprawling sky and rolling waters. A hideaway fanned by lush green palms, wedged between massive limestone boulders and framed with soaring cliffs, Guisi Beach bestows a rare and welcomed affect of instant relaxation to all who visit

A popular attraction while relaxing on Guisi Beach is a visit to the 18th century Spanish Colonial Lighthouse. A short 15min hike up a gradual hill, allows you the opportunity to explore the remains and enjoy a view of the beach below not to be missed. If you are more of a beach bunny, some sun and a relaxing swim in the cool azure waters is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful afternoon sun. The fish here are friendly and make for amusing company. The area surrounding Guisi Beach is not without its charm. For $10 US per hour you can rent an outrigger canoe, known locally as Bangka, and explore nearby offbeat smaller beaches, caves and towering rock formations.

Located in Dolores, in the municipality of Nueva Valencia, Guisi Beach is largely untouched by mass tourism. There are no resorts along Guisi Beach, but there are small cottages that you can rent for just $8 US a day; facilities include showers, comfort rooms and a small store. If you are searching for an unspoiled beach that you can enjoy almost all to yourself, then Guisi Beach is for you. This serene enclave of golden beach never disappoints.




When to Go to Guisi Beach

You can visit Guisi Beach anytime of the year, but the best time is weekdays between June- February. Avoid going during the summer months of April-May, as school is out, and children will be on the loose!

Since Guisi Beach is a secluded beach, you might consider booking a room in the town center of Nueva Valencia. Approximately a 30minute-drive away, here there are many resorts available for you to choose from.

Odds n' Ends

From the port of Jordan, Guimaras, it will take an hour to get to Guisi Beach. You can hire a sidecar motorcycle to bring you to this beach for $8 US. It can be hard to catch a ride going back, so you might ask the driver to wait for you.

Though the beach has a small store, it is best to bring your own food and stay in resorts in the town center. You can bring anything in to Guimaras Island, except for mangoes. Oddly enough, Guimaras is known for producing the sweetest mangoes and to protect them, they forbid bringing mangoes to the island.


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