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Behold the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

Published by Kristin Cowles, Editor-in-Chief

Country: Egypt

The Experience

Some of the most remarkable achievements in human history stand in preservation on the Plateau of Giza, by Cairo in Egypt. The Great Pyramids of Egypt, built over 4,500 years ago, continues to astound the amazement of all who visit. The Pyramids of Giza are the most famous of ancient Egyptian monuments. This series of necropolises served the elite Royal Egyptians during the 4th Dynasty, approximately late 3rd millennium BCE.

The most famous of these tombs is the Pyramid of Khufu. It is also known as the Great Pyramid (or the Pyramid of Cheops) and is the largest of the bunch. The next most prominent Great Pyramid is the Pyramid of Khafre; then followed by the modest-sized Pyramid of Menkaure. Khufu Pyramid was built by over 1,300,000 limestone blocks weighing from 2.5 to 15 ton. The four sides of this architectural masterpiece face the four cardinal points perfectly. In its original enormity, it measured 488 ft., but today (due to theft) it is only 455 ft.

How the Egyptians actually built the Pyramids with large stone blocks, and managed the extensive labour force to build them, is still largely unknown today. It’s widely believed that a majority of this labour force came from the farming community after the Nile River had flooded, rendering the farmland completely underwater. Many noted archeologists and engineers have offered some theories on this matter through demonstrating how heavy blocks of stone can be maneuvered and transported into place with special ramps and sledges.

Not all of the pyramids in Egypt have survived the years in a preserved state. There are just over a hundred pyramids known to still be recognizable as such in Egypt. Although the main understanding of the pyramid is as a mausoleum for deceased kings and queens of the time, they are also understood to be culturally significant to ancient Egyptian belief as stairways into heaven.




When to Go to Pyramids Egypt

The best time to visit the Egyptian Pyramids—which are the only remaining attraction from the seven wonders of the ancient world—is in winter, between October to May. This is peak tourist season so be prepared to book hotels in advance and pay extra. If you can bear the heat, the spring season is also worth considering too.

The operating times to access the Great Pyramids are between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily. Check for special seasonal closing times. It is strictly forbidden to climb on the Pyramids other than the stairway entrances. Tickets cost about 100 Egyptian Pounds (E£), and make sure to get your ticket early as the number of visitors is limited. There are additional costs as well at Khafre’s Pyramid, and you will have to pay an additional E£20 for the entrance, and a E£10 camera fee. Tip: If you don’t want to pay the extra fees for Khafre’s Pyramid, you can also visit one of the less prominent Pyramids (such as Khufu’s wife or mother's pyramid), and just show your regular admission ticket.

Odds n' Ends

A large cedar boat was unearthed on the Plateau of Giza in 1954, and it was reassembled for display. Historians claim that this boat may have been provided at the time for the deceased king to travel through the underworld.

Egyptologists believe that the 73-metre long Great Sphinx of Giza was carved from a rocky outcrop. It was built in the 3rd millennium BCE, but its exact age is unknown. This giant statue of a reclining lion with a human head is the largest monlithic statue in the world at 73.5 metres long, 6 metres wide, and 20 metres high.

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