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switzerland flag Best Travel Destinations - Switzerland

In the tiny Swiss town of Lucerne there are numerous little treasures to be found, one of which happens to be Europe's oldest wooden bridge. The Kapellbrücke (German for Chapel Bridge) was built in 1333 and constructed entirely of wood and stone. It remains so today despite a fire in August 1993. Like any bridge, the Kapellbrücke acted as a means of fast and easy transportation, but more importantly it was built to provide protection to the city. The Kapellbrücke Chapel Bridge runs around 200 meters in length, and in the center it attaches to the Wasserturm (Watertower), which over the centuries has served many purposes, including a prison, torture chamber, watchtower, and even a treasury. Although much of the Kapellbrücke Bridge was destroyed by ...

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For the last few centuries, the Matterhorn has posed a great challenge as well as great risk to climbers, and it has since come to be regarded as an iconic symbol of the Alps. The Matterhorn is one of the tallest peaks of the Alps, soaring at over 14,000 feet high. It lies along the Swiss-Italian border, accessible to visitors from both sides, and is a mountain legend for experienced climbers. Amateurs or non-climbers can also head up via train and cable cars for a breathtaking view. Even at the height of summer, the Matterhorn still boasts a peak blanketed in snow, perfect for skiing or snowboarding. It was first conquered by a team of climbers in the mid 1800s, although several of them died ...

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Area: 41,290.00 km2
Population: 7,489,370
Capital: Bern
Available Language Guides : French , Italian , Portugese , Spanish , Turkish


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