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estonia flag Best Travel Destinations - Estonia

One of the great pleasures of visiting many European cities in winter is the captivating effect that snow has on their classic architecture, creating a virtual winter wonderland. Estonia's capital Tallinn may not be as world famous as Vienna or Prague, but it's probably one of the best places on the whole continent to experience Europe as it was in medieval times. Old Town Tallinn is so well preserved that it has UNESCO World Heritage Site status - picture a close-knit network of winding cobbled streets with iron street lamps, Gothic spires of grandiose churches and half-hidden courtyards sheltering beautiful gabled houses. Look out for Tallinn's Town Hall, the only one in northern Europe dating from the Gothic era that still remains standing, dating back ...

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Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is popular for its grand architecture and picturesque landscapes. If you're on a tour to this part of Northern Europe, a detour out of Old Town to Kadriorg Palace should be top of your list. The Baroque architecture here is a reminder of the brilliant past and is lavishly set amidst the beautiful Kadriorg Gardens. This Dutch style manor house was originally built by Italian master architect Niccolo Michettia under the order of Peter the Great. It took much of its current shape when it was stylishly, and heavily renovated much later in 1718. Its grand facade is surpassed only by the exotic ambience of its interiors. Contrary to the norm, Kadriorg Palace assumes an even more regal look ...

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Located on the Estonian border with the country’s immediate neighbor Russia, the impressive Hermann Castle is a must visit for tourists who are travelling to Estonia. Originally built by the Danes almost at the end of the 13th century, it stands face to face with Russia’s equally formidable Ivangorod Fortress that is just across the river. This creates an architectural, as well as military ensemble, which is unique in the whole of Europe. Its location (on the border and at the junction of several trade routes) has helped the adjoining towns to amass wealth. Hermann Castle, also known as Narva Castle, has however also invited conflicts and even wars for ransacking and accumulating wealth. Hermann Castle has seen many masters during its warring days – ...

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Area: 45,226.00 km2
Population: 1,332,893
Capital: Tallinn
Available Language Guides : Russian


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