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ecuador flag Best Travel Destinations - Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands’ rich natural history has been fascinating the world since Charles Darwin’s famed visit aboard the Beagle in 1835. Once a hideout for pirates and a pit stop for whalers, it is now a hot spot for eco-tourism. Darwin’s exploration in the Galapagos provided the foundation for his most famous writings, The Origin of the Species, which introduces the theory of evolution. The Galapagos Islands are known by many different names, including the Enchanted Islands. It’s easy to see why the islands would be given such a moniker as they are filled with thousands of unique species of flora and fauna, such as the blue footed boobies and giant tortoises. In fact, “Galapago” is an archaic Spanish word referring to the islands’ tortoises, ...

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Entering the Charles Darwin Research Station, you will feel miles away from the bustling little town of Puerto Ayora, one of the few places in the Galapagos Archipelago that is inhabited year round by humans. Most places visited during trips to the Galapagos find you crowded not by tourists, but by sea lions, iguanas, and Sally Lightfoot crabs, and, while Puerto Ayora is not a metropolis by any stretch of the imagination, a return to civilization is welcomed every once in a while. Approaching the Charles Darwin Research Station a series of ringed walkways guide you through the living quarters of the scientists and geneticists working here in the effort to educate and conserve the biodiversity of the Galapagos. In fact, the Charles Darwin Research ...

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Every Saturday the cobbled stone streets of Otavalo transform into a bustling indigenous market stretching as far as a 10-block radius from the centre of town. Hundreds of Otavaleños gather at this hot tourist destination to sell their infamous hand-woven textiles and handicrafts. For those who arrive on a Friday night, Saturday brings an entire new world as the streets of Otavalo overflow with temporary wooden booths filled to the brim with a spectrum of brilliant colours. The Otavalo Market is one of the most famous and largest indigenous markets in Ecuador, and arguably throughout South America. Renowned for its size, prosperity and world-renowned artisans, the Otavalo Market is truly a reflection of the rich indigenous culture and presence in Ecuador. I scrambled out of ...

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Area: 283,560.00 km2
Population: 13,363,593
Capital: Quito
Available Language Guides : Spanish


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