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colombia flag Best Travel Destinations - Colombia

The unique island of San Andres sits off the coast of Costa Rica, Colombia, but is miles away from a “typical” Caribbean island. This Spanish-infused wonderland has maintained many of the natural features of the island, and is one of the few islands not overtaken by tourism. This allows visitors an opportunity rarely found throughout many of the Caribbean islands to actually experience the quiet and tranquility while observing natural wildlife in an undisturbed setting. “The Pond” of San Andres is a large lagoon situated at the highest point of San Andres island. While the trek into The Pond on San Andres can be quite treacherous, it is part of the journey. Many of the roads of San Andres are a single lane dirt road ...

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The Carnival de Negros y Blancos, or the Blacks and Whites Carnival, is an annual Columbian tradition that takes place in the city of Pasto from December 28 to January 7; although the actual Black and White days are January 5–6. January 5 is the day of the Blacks, and January 6 is the day of the Whites. The origin of the Carnival de Negros y Blancos dates back to the days of the conquistadores (masters) and esclavos (slaves). At the beginning of the new year, slaves were given a day off from work by some of the more benevolent masters. Nowadays, to symbolize the equality of all people and races, those attending the Carnival de Negros y Blancos paint themselves black (for the slaves) ...

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There is something incredibly exhilarating about Haynes Cay in San Andres. It may be the atmosphere of the island or the stingrays swimming at your feet; but no matter what you enjoy, Haynes Cay offers travellers a great opportunity to escape the typical Caribbean trip and dive headfirst into the natural life of the island. Haynes Cay is a small island located just off the coast of San Andres, Columbia; and it feels like you’re stepping into a postcard. Every view of Haynes Cay, as well as looking out from it, is breathtaking. Long expanses of white sand beaches cover the island and lend it a pristine beauty unmarked by houses or buildings. In fact, the only standing structure on this island is Babis Place, ...

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Area: 1,138,910.00 km2
Population: 42,954,279
Capital: Bogata
Available Language Guides : Spanish


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