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cambodia flag Best Travel Destinations - Cambodia

Time ceases to move at Angkor Wat as you step out of modern civilization into an early 12th-century temple complex in the central Cambodian jungle. In fact, the jungle is actually growing in the Angkor Wat Temples—literally! Tree roots and branches are growing through, on top and inside the temples, making for a scene of culture and nature intertwined. It's hard to explain a place that demands such attention based on its sheer size, and sustains your interest in a gripping search over the layers of detailed stone carvings. The Angkor Wat complex encompass over a hundred stone temples in total, and the Angkor Wat Temple is the largest and best preserved of these ruins. This enduring masterpiece was built initially for King Suryavarman II ...

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A sunset is one thing, but a sunset that falls over an ancient city from your perch a top some ruins is another. Just down the road and up a hill from the famed Angkor Wat, is Phnom Bakheng, widely regarded as the best place to view the sunset or rise within the Angkor region. After a long and dusty day of temple trekking the 20 minute climb will seem quite exhaustive, and you might even contemplate the value of the effort, but it is well worth it. For those that can't quite fathom the extra effort after a long day there are other modes of transport available, more specifically the ever popular elephant. The cost is a little steep $20 US for a ride ...

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Tonle Sap Lake Life

by Kristin Cowles, Editor-in-Chief

A wondrous water world, Tonle Sap Lake is the lifeline for many of Cambodia's people. Hardworking and ever adapting communities line the shores of the Great Lake, earning a living from the abundant fishing and farming, and shaping their livelihood around its natural splendor. The total area of Tonle Sap is a combination of rivers and lake, and has major significance, as it is the largest freshwater Lake in South East Asia, and largest freshwater floodplain in the world. This great waterway is also unique for other reasons, twice a year the direction of Tonle Sap water flow changes and the dramatic flooding and draining cycle is astounding. During the Cambodian dry season, November to May, Tonle Sap is relatively small approximately, 2,700 square km, ...

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If it's temples and ruins that you're after, there is no limit to what you will find in Southeast Asia. If you are ready to shake things up a bit, hold onto your teeth and head on over to Battambang, Cambodia for a wild ride aboard the bamboo train. Clear your thoughts of any images that may naturally come to mind, as the Battambang bamboo train is not your typical locomotive. Right before our eyes, a bamboo “raft” was placed on two sets of wheels resembling barbells. A motor was hooked up through a fan belt, a few cushions were thrown our way, and voila—we were off on our own magic carpet ride, clinging to a less-than-ample railing as we hurtled through the countryside at ...

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Siem Reap is famous for housing Angkor Wat: the eighth wonder of the world, Cambodia’s most prized possession, and the epicentre of huge national pride. Angkor Wat is the most-featured ruin in the Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site; and it was also the set for Lara Craft, Tomb Raider. There is no contest that touring Angkor Wat is a special experience, and if you visit some local community projects benefiting the Khmer (Cambodian) people, Siem Reap will always mean something more to you than just a tourist site. A contemporary, luxury hotel in the heart of Siem Reap, Hotel de la Paix has a genuinely warm and welcoming vibe, and is run by a charismatic Dane named Christian, who is as passionate about the hotel ...

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Area: 181,040.00 km2
Population: 13,607,069
Capital: Phnom Penh
Available Language Guides : French , Lao , Mandarin , Vietnamese


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