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australia flag Best Travel Destinations - Australia

If you haven’t been to Australia yet, then you need to. Preferably now, this week, later this month – you just need to get there, and soon! Mere words don’t do this magnificent colossus of a country justice. Even saying Australia is the best travel destination in the world doesn’t really come close to the myriad of jaw-dropping experiences the continent has to offer. From diving on the Great Barrier Reef to city breaking it in Sydney, to exploring the North Queensland rain forest, Australia demands to be high on the list of any serious traveller’s wish list. It’s the variations in climate, scenery and the sheer physical presence of the country that will take your breath away. You can see why Aussies are so ...

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Australia in the summertime is one of the best places in the world to travel. Vast expanses of pristine coastline stretch on forever, whilst the pulsing heart of the cities make sure you never run out of anything to do. Unfolding a beach towel, diving into deep blue waters and indulging in some of the world's best seafood, there really is little more a person can ask for on vacation. In a small coastal town not even a one hour drive from the heart of Melbourne there is all that, and more. Just outside this major city lies a magical world waiting to be explored. Every Boxing Day since 2008 the coastline of Frankston has been transformed into magnificent sand sculptures for the Frankston Sand ...

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Of all the exciting things you can do when you think about traveling the world, did you ever consider swimming with whale sharks? Not, dolphins, but sharks. Among the most fascinating and endangered species in the world, is the whale shark. With the body and behavior of a whale and the weight of a dinosaur, who wouldn’t want to go swimming with whale sharks? To give you further perspective, whale sharks usually range in length from 35 to 45 feet and can weigh more than 30 tons (66,000 lbs). The whale-like fish frequent Ningaloo Reef just off Coral Bay, Australia and have long been subject of folklore, with mysterious tales of encounters dating back to the early 20th century. Known whalers and shark enthusiasts have ...

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Area: 7,686,850.00 km2
Population: 20,090,437
Capital: Canberra
Available Language Guides : Italian , Japanese , Lao , Spanish , Turkish , Vietnamese


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