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armenia flag Best Travel Destinations - Armenia

Armenia rose to Christianity during 301 AD, and many ritual practices were developed with the Apostolic Orthodox faith. Some primordial pagan practices were quite visible during this time, such as animal sacrifices. Most of the Armenian churches are founded on the remnants of pagan temples destroyed during war, and Aghjots Monastery in Garni Village, Armenia is one of such place. For the construction of Armenian monasteries and churches, volcanic tufa stones were used, which were in abundance. The stone played a vital role to beautify the churches and monasteries of Armenia as no other stone was competent to be used for intricate carvings. The walls of the church boast many discerning depictions of the history of the site, and includes two full length sculptures of ...

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Imagine standing in the midst of an ancient monastery carved into a cliff face, a beautiful mountain view, and a thousand years of history surrounding you. If that scene sounds appealing, start packing your bags, because you can experience this incredible site if you visit Geghard Monastery in Armenia. Geghard Monastery is a historic stone monastery located directly outside of Goght, Armenia. This UNESCO World Heritage site is an easy daytrip from Yerevan. While traveling in Armenia, Geghard Monastery is a must-see site, and it is one of the top things to do in Yerevan. The history of the Geghard Monastery stretches back over 1500 years. The monastery was founded in the fourth century and the current structure dates to the 13th century. Important relics ...

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Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia. It is the world’s oldest continuously-inhabited cities, dating back to the 8th century BC with the founding of the fortress of Erebuni in 782 BC by King Argishti. Yerevan expanded rapidly during the 20th Century with Armenia becoming one of the fifteen republics of the Soviet Union. In fifty years Yerevan transformed from a town of a few thousand inhabitants to become Armenia’s principal industrial, cultural and artistic centre. Yerevan is a very homogenous city with the vast majority of the Armenians being immigrants themselves from all over the world. The population grew post WWII as genocide survivors poured in. Today the population has exploded to over one million residents. With the growth of the country’s ...

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Area: 29,800.00 km2
Population: 2,982,904
Capital: Yerevan
Available Language Guides : Russian


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