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new zealand flag Best Travel Destinations - New Zealand

The fur seal population in New Zealand has increased over the last few decades after being nearly wiped out by pelt and meat hunters in the 1800s. Breeding colonies were placed under the protection of the New Zealand Department of Conservation, with the seal colony at Ohau Point being the most accessible to the public. Fur seals return to Ohau Point Seal Colony to give birth between November and December each year, so the best time to visit Ohau Point Seal Colony is after March when the pups are less dependent on their mothers, and they are also at an amusingly playful stage. From Kaikoura, the Ohau Point Seal Colony is about 30 km north on State Highway 1. Just past Half Moon Bay you’ll ...

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Whether you’re a dare devil in search of the ultimate extreme sport challenge or a tourist hunting for unforgettable views down under, the Queenstown Skyline Gondola will thrill you. Queenstown, situated along the S-shaped Lake Wakatipu in southern New Zealand, has been a popular tourist destination for decades and today is considered the best place to travel for people of all ages, whether families, photographers and adventurers alike. Although the town began as a snow ski hot spot, recent times have turned it into a world-renown center for adventurers of all ages and levels, thanks to the Skyline Gondola. Once you board the four-person car, the Queenstown Skyline Gondola zooms you 450 metres (a little under 1,500 feet) up in the air very quickly. After ...

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Are you looking for a travel experience that will douse your senses and pique your pop movie trivia? Then the best place to travel is spectacular New Zealand! Take a New Zealand White Water Rafting tour in the Rangitata Valley and experience exhilarating adventure, alongside the backdrop of Edoras from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The Rangitata River is a braided river, a type found in few areas in the world, making rafting Rangitata Valley one of the most unique and exciting things to do in New Zealand. The Rangitata Valley is a glaciated valley, which can be seen by its distinct "U" shaped formation. The views here are even more magical in real life then Peter Jackson's portrayal in the Lord of ...

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Christchurch plays host to ten days of laughter, chaos and unadulterated fun when the world's best street performer's combine together to turn New Zealand's second city into a huge street party. The World Buskers Festival is definitely something to add to your list of great places to travel. Always a very popular buskers festival and one which sells out every year, visitors will be able to see acrobatics, juggling, stand up comedy and everything you could possibly imagine in the street performers kit bag. Attracting performers from across the globe, the internationally renowned World Buskers Festival transforms areas like Hagley Park with circus, comedy and street performances. Both adults and children are catered to. Don't forget to take a huge bag of loose change alongside ...

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When you think of New Zealand, it may well conjure up images of spectacular scenery and dramatic landscape, perhaps great food and quality wine. For some the image may also involve long haul flights. Somewhere on that list you may also think sheep, lots and lots of them. They're the mainstay of life in New Zealand and the Jackie Howe Festival of the Golden Shears is when all the sheep and all of those whose lives depend upon them meet for three days of festivities. The Jackie Howe Festival of the Golden Shears involves competition, partying and general celebrations of the woolly creatures. For those whose interest in sheep is fairly limited, there are still plenty of opportunities to get stuck in and enjoy all ...

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New Zealand

Area: 268,680.00 km2
Population: 4,035,461
Capital: Wellington
Available Language Guides : Hindi , Japanese


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