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Smoke up at Amsterdam's Cannabis Cup

Published by Elle Goulet

Country: Netherlands

The Experience

Ever wonder how the name 420 came to be associated with smoking pot? Some say it’s the number of ingredients in the herb, while others believe it to be the police code for a pot bust. Either way, if this kind of debate interests you then the Cannabis Cup is the place for you. For the liberal at heart that may not get to exercise the right to smoke pot legally in their home town, the Cannabis Cup is all that is marijuana liberation. Every November Amsterdam is home to the Cannabis Cup for a week. It’s no change from the ordinary for locals, but for those not able to partake in pot back home, the competition is the opportunity to visit various coffee shops competing intensely in different categories such as best marijuana, hashish, seed store and best hemp products, sample various pot based food such as hemp burgers, and find the latest paraphernalia. Started in 1987 by High Times editor Steven Hager the Cannabis Cup following has grown to attract thousands of tourists every year. Festivities include opening ceremonies, 4:20 parties both in the am and pm, tones of live music from blues to reggae, awards, friendly chit chat with other cup connoisseurs and of course a nonstop orgy of pot smoking. One misconception of some who attend is that weed consumed here is only be means of smoking, but all methods are fair game for the cup. No matter how you end up participating, may your Cannabis Cup runneth over!




When to Go to Cannabis Cup

To catch the Cannabis Cup competition be sure to leave your calendar open during Thanksgiving in later November for this annual occurrence. With over 400 coffee shops you can also make this venture a more personal one and head over on your own. If not limited to November by the competition, the next best time to hit up the rich culture of Amsterdam is in the Spring, between May and June.

Odds n' Ends

Passes to attend the festivities cost approximately $199 - $250 which includes entrance into all Cannabis Cup nightly concerts, daytime Expo center entry, counter culture guest speakers, giveaways, and coffee shop bus tours. You might also want to think about bringing your most laid back of attitudes as the time you spend here will surely bring you the most exquisite type of euphoria with no time to savor one strain of marijuana or anticipate the next.


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