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Fly Away with the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Not yet published by Alexandra E. Szydlowska, Writer

Country: United Kingdom

The Experience

Largest balloon festival in Europe
Held during August
Ashton Court country estate
For over 40 years
Formed in 1979
Four-day festival
Balloon is one of Bristol's key icons
As many as 100 balloons fly at one time
Draws crowds of over 100,000
So many attend that Bristol Clifton Bridge is closed to vehicles and pedestrians
11-14th August 2011
Night glow with over 30 balloons, followed by fireworks display
Night Glow held on the evening of the opening night and on the Saturday
Special-shaped balloons by Cameron Balloons, including Rupert the Bear, Bertie Basset and the Tesco trolley.
Fun fairs, carnival attractions, music, food and drink stands
Air shows including the famous Red Arrows
Mass ascent of over 100 balloons at 6am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Recognised as one of the UK's top five outdoor events
free event



When to Go

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